Online Customer Campaigns

Delight your customers with a product giveaway, or increase your customer-base with exciting sweepstakes. We have the experience and instruments needed for carrying out a registration campaign that meets your exact requirements - from the collection of customer data to the delivery of prizes. By now, we have been active in this sector for over 15 years. Having just an idea is sufficient, so that we can create an ideal campaign solution for you in co-operation.

Online Solutions

You provide the objective we provide the vision and solution! If you need a presentable website for your business, or if the existing site is already out of date, if you wish to create an exciting mobile app, add bank links, build an online shop or post a temporary project online, them we can certainly help you with our advice and resources. Our online solutions are built using CSS3 (incl. SASS and LESS), PHP7, HTML5 and JavaScript (incl. Jquery Library). We use all of the most modern technologies for ensuring the comfort of use and practicality of your website.

Mobile and Online Marketing

Our messaging platform offers the most effective, customer-driven and convenient user experience in regard to offers, product/service information, reminders, etc. As an additional function, you can create customer groups, schedule sending times and look at statistics. E-mail, SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger - our new communications system is unique in Estonia! It allows you to simultaneously combine and send notifications on several different channels, thereby ensuring the best customer experience and a seamless business relationship.